May 18, 2024
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By Geoffrey Bennett

Bristol Live, as part of UK’s Open Justice System, reports every week from Bristol’s courtrooms.

Open justice not only ensures public confidence in the democracy and administration of justice but also deters people from committing crime, keeping details of the crimes confidential.

Lloyd Withers stole handbags from stores and other items while on license. He has over 200 theft and fraud convictions.

The 48-year old admitted that he had violated a Criminal Behaviour Order and committed fraud and theft. He told Bristol Crown Court, however, that he preferred prison to help him deal with his addiction rather than be released to resume his drug abuse.

One of the two men entered the home in Bristol with a knife on his throat, while the second man stole items that were not worth much.

Dean Ludlow (51), of Wade Street in Bristol, has pleaded guilty for theft and assault causing actual bodily injury. Darren Jordan of Shaftesbury Avenue in Bristol pleaded to theft.

Jordan and Ludlow were both jailed by Martin Picton for 13 months.

A 13-year old boy who chased down and caught a burglar in his Bristol house learned that the man was not as he seemed.

The boy discovered that a man in his kitchen with short hair was looking for Emily. He chased the young man, caught him, and said, “It is a girl!”

Dawn Reynolds, as Bristol Crown Court was told, raided Bristol homes during the summers of 2021-2022. The 41-year old man claimed to have committed five home break-ins as well as burglary and theft with the intent to steal.

After a diagnosis of mental illness, Judge Julian Lambert issued a hospital order under section 37 of Mental Health Act 1983.

The man was jailed for 12 years after he burglarized a home, stole a vehicle, committed a robbery using an axe and caused a traffic accident.

Danny O’Driscoll of Four Acres in Bishopsworth committed a number of crimes. He was sentenced by Bristol Crown Court, on 7 March.

O’Driscoll confessed to a number of charges, including robbery and burglary in the home, assailant an emergency worker (including assault), aggravated car taking, possessing a weapon on a public street, using a knife in public, driving with a disqualified license, among others.

He was sentenced to a 12-year prison term and disqualified for driving seven years, four months.

After being arrested and brought to court, a drug addict stole items from Bath stores. He was then jailed.

Jenkins, 50 and of an unknown address, has admitted to raiding properties since August, last year, in order feed his addiction. Jenkins pleaded guilty for two burglaries that did not occur in the home, two thefts and possessing a knife.

Michael Cullum, the judge who sentenced him to prison for a drug offense of Class A, told him: “You are a person with recurring addictions.”

It’s really disappointing to see this after such a period of offense. It’s good that you admitted to everything.”

A convicted robber used a man’s bank card to purchase take-out food after a night of drinking in Pennywell Road, Bristol.

Quanito Chudiley was accused of picking up the wallet and mobile phone from his victim before spending PS93 (including food) on bank cards at Bristol Crown Court.

Chudley (40) pleaded guilty in May to four thefts and thefts. Chudley, 40, was jailed for six and a half years for the manslaughter of a Kingsdown pensioner who was robbed in 2003. Moira Mcmillan gave him a six-month sentence.

Mitchell Rogers, instead of giving his father a Christmas gift, stole alcohol bottles. Mitchell Rogers has been prohibited from contacting his father in any way for the next three years.

Today, he appeared in Bristol Crown Court to receive his sentence. (February 22, 2023). (February 22, 2023).

William Hart, the judge who sentenced him to 34 weeks in prison.

A convicted robber, who was recently released from prison, went on a drug binge. He then robbed a second shop. He’s now back in prison.

Coles was about to finish a sentence of 56 months for robbing Spar on Filton Avenue in Bristol of 2,500 pounds sterling. He then committed an early morning raid at Tesco Express on Marlborough Street in Bristol after consuming crack cocaine and valium.

Coles (44), of Horton Street, St Philps pleaded guilty in October to the crime. Leslie Cuthbert (the recorder) sentenced Coles to 100 months. This was divided into 64 months of prison time and 36 months with an extended licence.

A man convicted of multiple burglaries and robberies in Bristol has served more than eight years behind bars.

Bristol Crown Court sentencing Greg Cole of no fixed addresses, Monday 16th January.

Between March and May of 2022, the 31-year old committed two burglaries and three burglaries in dwellings, as well as two burglaries outside the home. The 31-year-old was convicted of two robberies, three dwelling burglaries and two non-dwelling burglaries between March 2022 and May 2022.

Cole, who lived in social housing, was punched in the face by a neighbor on the morning of Tuesday, 1st March, around 7 am. He demanded his PIN and credit card number.

Cole stole the phone from the victim after he failed to collect the money.

Cole was convicted of these crimes on Thursday 3 November.

Alexander Papadopoulos, of Whitehall, Bristol, was sentenced to six months in prison yesterday, Monday, 23 January, after admitting his charges of theft and arson.

In the investigation of the March 21st riot, the 28-year old can be seen pushing the chair into fire.

Two men have been sentenced to prison following a car chase at high speed and a manhunt lasting hours.

On Thursday, 19th January, a number of charges against Kyle Marshall (19), of HMP Bristol and Finley Philips (18), of Sherrin way, Bishopsworth were brought before Bristol Crown Court.

Marshall admitted to burglary of non-residential buildings, burglary in a dwelling, thefts from motor vehicles and vehicle thefts, as well as aggravated taking of a vehicle without consent.

The defendant pleaded guilty for non-dwelling break and enter, as well as aggravated taking of a vehicle without consent.

Phillips received a sentence of one year, nine months and Marshall was given three years, nine months.

A man arrested near a Bristol tobacco shop after an attempt was made to steal the product.

Densley entered the Tesco in Bristol on Cheltenham Road and asked for tobacco. He also wanted a lighter. Densley grabbed the manager’s shirt when he handed him the tobacco.

He left after grabbing some orange juice and scratchcards. The court heard that police picked him up near the store.

Densley (24 years old) pleaded guilty on July 2, last year to theft and attempted burglary. Michael Longman, the judge who sentenced Densley to prison for 12 months.

A Bristol businessman turned to drug abuse to support his addiction due to personal problems. After admitting to committing a series of crimes around Bristol, he was jailed for his addiction.

Ashley Unwin was described by a Bristol Crown Court Judge as “an intelligent and perceptive person”. After the death of Ashley Unwin’s father, and after a breakup in his relationship, he developed a drug addiction.

Unwin (34), pleaded guilty today (30 January 2023) to 10 charges including burglary, theft, taking of a vehicle with out consent and assaulting a emergency worker.

Euan Ambrose, the judge who sentenced him to jail for 64 weeks.

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